I am always available for all questions regarding the organization of a multilingual event. In addition to my work as an interpreter, I can also be involved directly in the organization of the event. I am dedicated to ensuring the success of your multilingual event and can guide you through the various aspects that need careful consideration. Some key considerations include:

  • Identifying the languages spoken by attendees, the timing and location of language usage, and the individuals who require interpretation.
  • Determining the language for event advertising to effectively reach the target audience.
  • Establishing a registration system to assess the actual need for interpretation services.
  • Selecting the appropriate type of interpretation for the event.
  • Identifying the necessary equipment and exploring options for borrowing or acquiring it.
  • Providing preparation materials and establishing direct contact persons for the interpreters.

Moreover, I can also advise on remote interpreting options, particularly in the context of online conferences. This form of interpretation requires a comprehensive plan to ensure a seamless process.

If there are specific competencies required that fall outside my expertise, I am more than happy to refer you to qualified interpreters or experts from my professional network.